The Problem

Our generation must find solutions to the diverse problems caused by the unsustainable lifestyle we have in the global North. We are exceeding the planetary boundaries and not meeting the social boundaries. Most of the pressing issues at the moment, such as climate change, global inequalities, resource scarcity and pollution, can be linked back to our way of living (in the global North). Therefore, we have a responsibility to take action. We need solutions that are not only a quick fix, but that change the structure and paradigms of the system – we need to identify leverage points of change for the transformation we want to achieve.

Our Solution

One of the important actors of change to tackle these issues should be universities. Education shapes our society and therefore, universities should be at the forefront of sustainable transformations and innovations. They should be a place for the students to find and test out game-changing solutions.

With Wellenschlagen, we want to enhance the place that CAU is taking as an actor of change towards a sustainability transformation. We want to initiate a community that offer students participation and learning opportunities to engage, develop and implement innovative strategies on campus. We want to empower students as agents of change and contributors to game-changing solutions for the issue of unsustainable system structures.  

Our vision is to foster a student-led sustainable transformation of

Kiel University and to build a community on campus with sustainability at its core.



Our goals

We aim at creating a bigger community of students and members of the university interested in and active for sustainability at CAU. We would like the University of Kiel to be more sustainable in the areas of governance, teaching, research, and operations. 


We want all actors to be involved in sustainable activities on campus, especially students. Furthermore, we aim at having more connectivity between all actors for sustainability on campus - all of them working together on the sustainable transformation of CAU. In addition, we would like to have increased visibility of sustainability on campus. 


We want to establish a structure at CAU which ensures the durability of our efforts in the future and ensures the continuity of the student-led sustainable transformation. We want to have achieved an increased student engagement in governance, operation, teaching, and education of the university. We would like to have more student projects related to sustainability that are implemented on campus, by then.