Green Office Idea Workshop

We invite you to take part in the Green Office Idea Workshop online. The workshop is part of the Public Climate School Week. The idea workshop is your chance to bring in your ideas about sustainability at CAU and how a Green Office should look like at our university. 


on the 28.05.2020 from 16h30 to 18h30


The workshop will take place online on Zoom, you can join through the following link: (Meeting ID: 952 6225 0116)

As we have limited spots, please fill the registration form below if you are interested in taking part in this workshop .

What is Green Office?

At the moment, there are Green Offices in over 45 universities in Europe acting as central points for sustainability on university campuses. A Green Office at CAU would support and initiate sustainability projects in the areas of governance, research, teaching, operation and student community. It would improve the synergies between all members of the university working towards making the campus a more sustainable environment while creating more opportunities for students to experience, study and research sustainability topics which can be transferred into the society.


A Green Office is led by students and thereby supports student engagement and empowerment in the area of sustainability at CAU. It creates more opportunities for trans- and interdisciplinary teaching and research. Creating a Green Office also means becoming part of a Europe-wide network which will foster the exchange between students from different universities on sustainability topics. 


What is this workshop about?

The idea workshop is an opportunity to bring the expertise and ideas of all students into the creation process of the Green Office. The aim of this event is to collect ideas and perspectives from students that will be brought into the design workshop involving all relevant stakeholders of CAU which will take place on the 1st of July.