• wellenschlagen

Seasonal Calendar: August

Fresh this month:

  • Cabbage (open field)

  • Peas (open field)

  • Spring onions (open field)

  • Potatoes(open field)

  • Kohlrabi(open land)

  • Carrots (open field)

  • Radishes (open field)

  • Beetroot (open field)

  • Spinach (open field)

  • Tomatoes (open field)

  • Onions (open field)

  • Lettuce (open field)

  • Apples (open field)

  • Pears (open field)

  • Blackberries (open field)

  • Strawberries (open field)

  • Blueberries(open field)

  • Raspberries (open field)

  • Currants (open field)

  • Sour/sweet cherries (open field)

  • Mirabelle plums (open field)

  • Plums (open field)

  • Gooseberries (open field)

  • Elderberries (open field)

Food from the region:

„Marktschwärmer“ is an online shop for regional groceries. Goods are distributed directly without long transport routes. Every week participating producers and members meet at a central place where the goods are handed over to the customers.

Recipe for blackberry ice cream (4 portions)

  • 150 g blackberries and 1 tablespoon icing sugar with a mixer)

  • Whip 1 egg and 30 g icing sugar until creamy

  • Gradually stir puree and 75 g natural yoghurt

  • Pour into ice cups, freeze for at least 6 hours