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Seasonal Calendar: June

What's fresh in June?

  • Peas (outdoor)

  • Broccoli (outdoor)

  • spring onions (outdoor)

  • potatoes (outdoor)

  • kohlrabi (protected cultivation + open field)

  • carrots (stored + open field)

  • Radishes (outdoor)

  • Beetroot (open field)

  • Asparagus (open field)

  • Spinach (outdoor)

  • Iceberg lettuce (outdoor)

  • Lettuce (open field)

  • Strawberries (outdoor)

  • Raspberries (protected cultivation)

Food from the region:

If you can't find the time to buy organic products at the market or in the shop in your hectic everyday life, you can also have fruit and vegetable crates delivered. Such planned tours save energy, as many individual private trips to the shop do not take place.

Recipe for asparagus-strawberry risotto: (1 portion)

  • Peel 150 g asparagus and place in

  • Cut pieces, tips separately

  • Asparagus almost cooked, tips

  • last but not least cook along

  • Wash 125 g strawberries, clean, cut into pieces

  • Peel and chop 1 onion

  • 15 g parmesan grate

  • Fry the onion with a little oil, add 150 g risotto rice until it is lightly brown, always adding stock (300 ml in total), add in portions until the rice is cooked.

  • Add the cooked asparagus, strawberries, thyme and parmesan and season with salt and pepper.