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Seasonal Calendar: May

What is fresh in May?

  • Cauliflower (outdoor)

  • Broccoli (Open land)

  • Chicory (stock items)

  • Spring onions (open land)

  • cabbage turnip (protected cultivation)

  • Radish (open field)

Food from the region:

Organic farming protects the climate. In Kiel there are numerous weekly markets that offer regional seasonal products: Blücherplatz, Exerzierplatz, Vinetaplatz, Andreas-Hofer-Platz, Bergenring, Holtenauer-Straße/Elendsredder, Leuchtturmplatz, Herlmut-Hänsler-Platz, Am Eckenerplatz, Langenfelde, Rungholdtplatz and Waldorfschule.

Recipe for colourful-May-salad (4 portions):

Divide 1/2 head each of iceberg lettuce and lettuce into edible pieces and wash briefly, drain it 4 spring onions cut into rings 1 tomato aft Cut 2 carrots into fine slices Stir 2 tablespoons vinegar, 1 teaspoon mustard, salt, pepper in a cup until the salt is dissolved add 6 tablespoons of oil, stir Pour the dressing over the salad and mix.