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Seasonal Calender: April

What is fresh in April?

  • Cauliflower (protected cultivation)

  • Chicory (stock goods)

  • Spring onions (open land and protected cultivation)

  • Potatoes (stock goods)

  • Carrots (stock goods)

  • Radishes (protected cultivation)

  • Beetroot (stock goods)

  • Asparagus (protected cultivation)

  • Spinach (open land)

  • Onions (stock goods)

  • Lamb's Lettuce (open land)

  • Apples (stock goods)

  • Pear (stock goods)

Recipe for Spinch-Quesadilla

  • heat oil in a pan and braise 1 onion and some garlic lightly

  • add 50g spinach and cook until the leaves wilt

  • season with salt and chili flakes

  • heat 1 burrito in another pan, put 30g cheese (or vegan cheese) and the wilted spinach on it

  • put another burrito on it, roast it for 1 minute, turn and roast it from the other side until the cheese has melted

Why regional and plantbased food?

With the production of meat, more carbon dioxide is released than with the cultivation of cereal, pulses or vegetables. Eating more plantbased sources of protein, you protect the climate as less carbon dioxide is released.