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Part 4: "It's none of my business, but why don’t you just buy a new one?

Written by Osama, Tobi and Marven

Hanging Garden and a beer crates stool

Marvin wanted to have few plants in his room. Rather than buying some plant pots we decided to use some jars and bottles to grow the plants. Adding some rocks at the bottom and some soil made it possible to grow different plants in these jars. Yet we saved these bottles and Jars from being thrown into the trash and reused them in a nice way.

Marven also wanted to have a nice comfortable stool that he can easily put outside in the balcony or inside in his room. Again the beer crate sounded like a good durable option. But we thought how can we make it even more comfortable? A cushion that is fixed on a board can do the job. So using some old filling and old fabric we made a comfortable stool.

To be continued...