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Last Part: "It's none of my business, but why don’t you just buy a new one?

Written by Osama, Tobi and Marven

What did we learn?

After a long day of crafting, having all these discussions and working with hands, we were all happy and satisfied with the results of our work and the time we spent together. Even though the pieces we made were simple, they carried nice memories for a nice day. The feeling of achievement was much more valid than that of happiness we get from buying a new item.

I always considered working with hands –crafting- as my type of meditation. It helps you to be focused on what's there between your hands, of the current time and not drown to the past or worried about the future. This is why I love to keep my hands busy.

What we also learned is that many of these items we consider trash can still be useful in different forms. We can simply re-porous them, reconstruct them in a different manner or reuse them. But why is this important? Each item we use is made of resources that have been extracted from the earth. Our earth resources aren’t infinite, they are limited. Each time we throw an item to the trash we are losing resources and creating pollution by putting manufactured substances into the ground, oceans and air. Even those items that we put in the recycling bin are not being fully used as resources but rather a big percentage is being burned for energy releasing toxic fumes to the air and leaving toxic waste to be barred underground. So how can we minimize the exploitation of the earth's resources and the pollution created by putting the product to trash at the end of their life cycle? A simple answer can be by reusing what we have over and over again to fit our different needs so we don’t end up putting more things in the trash and at the same time to end up buying less new products to save the resources.

The internet is full of ideas and explanations on how to build anything you might need and how to reuse different items you find in the house for rebuilding them. All you need is a good search on the internet, a good company to keep the fun and sparing some time to build it. One of the obstacles for us was having the tools we need to continue the work, saws, drills, hammers, files and chisels. Some of these tools are expensive to buy, and yet necessary to complete the work. But luckily there are many places that make these tools available for you to use, they provide you with an equipped place for working on your project for a small fee you pay for using the place and the tools. For our project we used “WERK STATT KONSUM” at Alte Mu.